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All staff will wear a uniform. Standard uniform is white/black shirt, black waistcoat and trousers, red/burgundy tie, branded weather-proof coat and relevant PPE shoes.

For festivals we have a more relaxed uniform of branded steel grey polo shirts, combat trousers, hoody, branded weather-proof coat, Hi-Vis and relevant PPE shoes.

Uniforms can be tailored to suit your requirements.



All of our venues are provided with radios for the officers, which are linked not only between the officers at the venue, but in the area so back up is never more than a call away.

We are more than happy for a radio to be given to the Duty Manager or behind the bar so that your staff can get hold of Security at any time. Good communication is a vital component of any effective team. We are more than happy to use a Store Net/Nite Net radio, however it is up to the venue to provide these.


Pub Watch

We endeavour to attend all Pub watch (or the equivalent for your area) meetings as we believe that it is an important factor in building relationships in the area and keeping up to date with all the local issues.

Mission Statement

We will provide high quality security services to all of our clients, with an emphasis on maintaining good working relationships to guarantee customer satisfaction. We will also make every effort to provide employment opportunities for local people and enhance the environment within which we operate.

To achieve this mission we have adopted the following values and work ethics in our organisation:
  • Provide a work environment that encourages excellent performance and rewards individual achievement.
  • Efficiently communicate and listen to all concerned, be it staff, colleagues, customers and/or local authorities to ensure we get things right, first time, every time.
  • Commit to trying to build the business and its reputation in the local area to create new job opportunities and boost the economy in the area.
  • Constantly seek new ways of improving our business for the benefit of all those associated with it.

Key Personnel

Beckie Millward – Company Director

I have several years’ experience in the Security Industry from pubs and clubs to festivals. My day job is in administration so this has put me in good stead for running Touchwood effectively and efficiently. 

I have 2 young children and enjoy family time whenever I have some time off. My hobbies include listening to music, going to gigs, and socialising.

Steve Millward – Operations Consultant

I have 15 years’ experience in the security industry ranging from pubs and clubs to events and festivals. I have progressed through Touchwood starting as a Door Supervisor and moving on to Operations Manager and now I am a consultant, this means I am on hand to offer help, advise and support on the running of the company without giving up so much of my weekends to ‘work the doors’. I believe that hard work and commitment to any job you do will result in a positive outcome.

My day job is a Technician for the delivery and/or installation of high-end white goods. In my spare time I enjoy football, be it watching my team Man Utd or playing it with my friends. I also enjoy spending time with my family and pigeon shooting.


Paul (Rhino) Ryan – Operations Manager

I have 13 years’ experience in the security industry including pubs, clubs, festivals and first response. I’ve progressed through the company starting as a Door Supervisor, progressing to Head Doorman and finally to Operations Manager.

My main priority is good team work – ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’, I believe this steams from reliability, honesty and loyalty and I try to lead from the front with this. In my day job I am a Sales Rep in the construction industry. In my spare time I enjoy carp fishing and football, be it watching my team Arsenal or playing with my mates.

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